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Last updated: February 13, 2017

Want to buy a ferret? There are several ways to get the cute and fuzzy animal. One option is to purchase a ferret from a local store or online. There are not many stores that sell ferrets online (you have to go to them in person), but it’s still possible to buy a ferret online. I will go through some websites that have ferrets for sale and show you how to buy them. I’ll also direct you to pet stores where you can get ferrets in person.

Before you start looking for ferrets for sale, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the terminology. Ferret kits are baby ferrets, and they’re found in animal shelters. Buying a ferret is known as adoption. You can adopt all sorts of ferrets, not just kits. Ferret kits are the most popular to adopt, though. Adopting a ferret comes with a lot of responsibility, and there are some things you should know before adopting a ferret.

Now, let’s look at the websites that list ferrets for sale:


Websites That Have Ferrets For Sale


Pet Classifieds

Pet Classifieds is a website where pet owners can post ads selling their pets, and you can contact them directly to purchase the pet. A great advantage of using Pet Classifieds is that there’s no middleman involved. You can directly talk to the pet owner and they can tell you about all the specific things you need to know about caring for the pet.

Here is an example of some of the ferrets for sale on Pet Classifieds:

4 Gorgeous Ferret Babies

These 4 ferret babies, 2 boys and 2 girls, are available with permits. Shipping is possible, and a cage is included.

Albino And Cinnamon Ferrets

These 2 ferrets are sold by an owner who’s finding it increasingly difficult to have time to care for them. They include birth certificates and tons of supplies.

Male Sable Ferret

This is a 4-year old sable ferret that needs a home. He comes with a cage, bedding, litter box, and a water bottle.

Please note that ads on Pet Classifieds are up for only a limited amount of time, because eventually if no one buys the pet, the pet owners will give it away to an animal shelter. So the ferrets above might already be sold or given away to a shelter. But I’ll keep updating this page with the latest ferret ads on Pet Classifieds.

The way to find ferrets for sale on Pet Classifieds is by going to www.pet-classifieds.com. On the home page, there’s a sidebar on the left that shows the categories of animals.


Click on Ferrets, and it will take you to a list of the ads selling ferrets. If you find a ferret you like, you can contact the owner through text and email (You can also look through all the other cool animals!). You’ll usually get a reply and you can discuss buying the ferret with them. Sometimes shipping is provided, so you can have the ferret and accessories delivered to you. If a shipping option is not mentioned on the ad, you can still contact the owner to see if they will offer shipping. If not, you would have to go to meet the ferret owner in person. That’s why all ferret owners provide their location in the ad and you can determine if it’s somewhere easy to travel to.

Carolina Ferrets

Carolina Ferrets is another website where you can buy ferrets online. Here is the link to the website. Caroline Ferrets are ferret breeders that are very personally invested in ferrets and they’re not affiliated with any organization or pet store. They raise and sell Angora ferrets directly themselves.

It’s best to buy a ferret from their website if you live in the United States, because they provide fairly easy shipping to most areas of the U.S. Shipping internationally is also possible, but it’s more complicated due to regulations, and you may need to hire a broker to handle the transaction.

Overall, Carolina Ferrets is a good choice for buying a ferret because of their easy shipping in the United States and the personal care and attention they give to ferrets. However, their service has sometimes received mixed reviews, with some customers saying the site owner is unresponsive or the ferrets are not properly trained to not bite. For these reasons, it might be best to contact the site owner directly and speak to her, or even better, to meet with her to check out the ferrets in person. She provides her contact details on the website.


Other Websites

ClassifiedAds.com – A simple website that lists ads for all sort of items and services. You can find plenty of ferrets and ferret supplies on there.

Craigslist – You can search for ferrets for sale on Craigslist and arrange to meet someone with a ferret and have them ship the ferret to you.

Gadzoo – A classifieds website specifically for pets. Ferrets can be hard to find on there sometimes, but ferret ads do get posted.

Gumtree – A popular and active classifieds listing where ferret owners post ads selling their ferrets for good prices, accompanied with accessories and supplies.

Hoobly – Hoobly Classifieds is a slick and convenient marketplace which has listings for ferres. Simply search for ferrets in their search box and you’ll come across plenty of listings.

KSL – The KSL marketplace is huge and has a listing for almost anything. You can search their marketplace and find listings of ferrets for sale.



Facebook Groups

Joining a Facebook group about ferrets is an excellent way to connect directly with other ferret lovers and buy or sell ferrets. There several facebook groups for ferrets. For example, here is a facebook group for selling ferrets and ferret accessories, and as of now it has a sizeable membership of over 6,500 people. You can search for more groups by typing “ferrets” in the Facebook search box.

Here’s a tip: spend time in the group and contribute to it. You can do this by liking posts, commenting, and making some posts yourself. Making friends with ferret owners is beneficial for finding cool deals on ferrets and ferret accessories/supplies.

Buying A Ferret From A Pet Store

The next, and more preferred option, is to purchase a ferret from a local pet store. It’s preferred to buying online for two reasons: Firstly, meeting a ferret in person lets you see what the ferret is like before adopting it, and it helps both you and the ferret develop a better relationship. Secondly, pet stores are regulated by law, so you’re more likely to get a high quality pet from a pet store than from an individual person. In my ferret cost guide, I mention that buying a ferret from a pet store is the most expensive option. However, that matches its high quality.

In the last couple of decades, ferrets have become increasingly more available in pet stores as many people have started to want a ferret. However, don’t be surprised if the local pet store in your area doesn’t have ferrets; they’re still not nearly as common pets as dogs or cats. But in most cases, it will be fairly easy for you to find a ferret in a local pet store without having to travel to a completely different state or country. Though I wish more pet stores had ferret cages on sale; you’ll be pretty fortunate to find one.

If you want to find pet stores that sell ferrets, it’s easy to search for them in your area. Simply go to Google and type “pet stores near me”. This will show you plenty of results. It’s incredibly useful to have your location enabled, as this will also show a Google map of the nearest pet stores in your area.


Pet Store Directories

Another great way to find out about pet stores is by searching through pet store directories. There are several directories of pet stores on the internet. The way it works is that you simply choose your location (usually a city or state) and then the directory lists the pet stores within the location. Here are some comprehensive pet store directories:

http://www.bringfido.com/resource/pet_stores/ (Worldwide)

http://pet-shops.regionaldirectory.us/ (U.S. only)

http://www.thepetstores.net/ (U.S. only)


Ferret Breeders

The third is to buy a ferret from ferret breeders. This is generally less preferred because good ferret breeders are difficult to find; it’s much easier to find animal shelters and pet stores. Ferrets that are bred on farms also don’t get much interaction with other humans, so that can make the transition into adoption difficult.

As mentioned before, Carolina Ferrets are breeders that can ship to you directly. However, most other breeders will have to be located in person. Read our article on ferret breeders for more in-depth information.

Ferret breeders can be located using lists of resources of directories. In each U.S. state, there are at least a few ferret breeders, so you can find one that’s not too far from you. The process of adopting is explained above.


In conclusion, there are a few viable ways to buy ferrets online. The websites mentioned in this article allow you to find ads for ferrets for sale, and interact directly with the ferret owner who‘s selling their ferret. You can also order from ferret breeders such as Carolina Ferrets. But the best way to get a ferret is to buy one in person, and it‘s recommended that you locate the nearest pet store or animal shelter in your local area and try to find a ferret there.


  1. I am trying to purchase a female ferret for my male one and I’m trying to find the best price and places


    December 15, 2016

    • I suggest looking around your local stores to find the best prices for ferrets.


      January 9, 2017

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