How Much Do Ferrets Cost? Use This Calculator To Find Out

How much do ferrets cost? There are several things you should consider when estimating the cost of a ferret. First thing, of course, is the price or adoption fee of the ferret, whether you acquire it from a pet store, a shelter, or an individual. But the second thing is the most important cost that many people underestimate: the cost of caring for the ferret. A ferret is known to be prone to illnesses and requires specialized care, so those costs can add up. In this article you’ll find out what the costs of a ferret are and whether it’s manageable for you.


The initial price of getting a ferret

The cost of purchasing a ferret will vary based on where you purchased it, the age of the ferret, and its breed. Ferrets purchased from pet stores are generally more expensive than ferrets from shelters or individuals. There are four ways in which you can acquire a ferret, ordered from cheapest to most expensive:

1) Getting a ferret as a gift (you’re lucky if this happens!)

2) Purchasing directly from a current ferret owner

3) Adopting from a ferret shelter

4) Purchasing from a local pet store

Purchasing a ferret directly from another ferret owner will cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

Ferrets from animal shelters will cost anywhere from $50 to $150. Lastly, ferrets from pet stores will cost you anywhere from $70 to over $200. Animal shelters will generally be cheaper than pet stores because they’re less profit-motivated.


The cost of caring for the ferret

There are several costs that come with keeping a ferret as a pet. Here is a list of all of the costs.

1) Ferret food: This varies depending on whether you feed your ferret mostly home-cooked food or special ferret food. But it’s not a huge cost either way. You will generally need to buy about 6-9 packets of ferret food each year.

2) Ferret cage: You’ll need a habitat for your ferret so that when you’re asleep he doesn’t run around and wreck the whole house. You can get ferret cages on Amazon for a good price.

3) Litter: You’ll need to buy litter boxes and bags.

4) Vaccinations: Ferrets are fairly prone to illnesses, so you’ll need to vaccinate the fuzzy animal. Consult with your vet to see the exact amount.

5) Ferret toys: Ferrets are energetic, so it’s highly recommended to keep them entertained with toys. Nothing fancy necessary, just some cheap toys that your pet will love.

6) Care supplies: Some other supplies that will come in handy include harnesses, hammocks, ferret strollers, brushes, water bottles, and Ferretone.

7) Vet check-ups: Your ferret will need regular check-ups to the vet to make sure it’s healthy and doesn’t have health problems.

If you’re running on a low budget, you can absolutely keep a ferret without draining your wallet. The key is to spend smartly, it can make the difference between just spending a couple hundred dollars a year and spending well over a thousand. Determine for yourself which supplies are absolutely necessary for your ferret.


*Please note that the above number is only an estimate to give you an idea of the yearly of costs you’ll incur. The actual number will vary based on your specific ferret.


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