Here’s What You Should Know About Keeping A Ferret As A Pet

What is it like to keep a ferret as a pet? There are several things you should know ferrets before keeping them as pets. Some of these are just general knowledge, but a few of these are words of caution. The majority, however, is just helpful advice that you’ll find yourself making use of as a first-time ferret parent.

10 Facts About Ferrets

10 Facts About Ferrets

First, let’s start with a few facts about ferrets. These are fun and interesting facts about ferrets that you might like to know. Also, they’ll probably help you in being a ferret parent. So here are the 10 facts.

1.  Weasel War Dance – When ferrets are excited or feeling full of energy, they’ll perform a wild dance known as the weasel war dance. They will hop around and make hissing noises. The ferret does this to expend energy and assert its dominance.

2. High maintenance – Ferrets are more high maintenance than other common household pets such as dogs and cat. This is because they’re more prone to medical conditions and they need more supplies and medical care.

3. Legality – Did you know that in some places, ferrets are illegal to own? The reason for this is that if ferrets escape, they can risk the wildlife. Check here for a list of states where ferret ownership is not allowed.

4. Rodents – Ferrets often get confused with rodents like hamsters and the guinea  pig. But in fact, ferrets come from a different species known as Mustelidae.

5. Hoarders – One of the most distinctive qualities of ferrets is that they love to hoard. If you don’t keep a check over them, then they might hoard a bunch of stuff in your house!

6. Ferocious little animals – Ferrets are some of the most ferocious pets you can keep. Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous, but they will try to assert their dominance and even try to bite if they’re upset.

7. Handymen – Because of their agility and their shape/size, ferrets have been used to run wire through small holes in spaces that can’t normally be reached. This made them very useful for engineering and mechanical work.

8. Objects of artistic beauty – During Medieval Europe, ferrets were a common subject of artistic paintings. Many popular painters, including Leonardo Da Vinci, drew portraits of ferrets. Here is an example of medieval ferret art by Da Vinci.

9. Domestication – Ferrets have a history of being domesticated and being used for hunting wild animals. They were particularly used for hunting rabbits because of how easily they could crawl down rabbit holes.

10. Lifespan – Ferrets usually have a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years. This is somewhat high for a small animal, which is why many people like ferrets as pets: because they tend to stick around for a while.

Owning a ferret

What is owning a ferret like?

I got my first ferret in 2011. It was an Angorra ferret kit, and it was the most interesting animal I had ever seen. I felt an affinity to it. Maybe other first-time ferret owners have a different experience though – I’ve heard many people tell me about how hectic and strange it can be to take care of a ferret for the first time. And I’ll admit that I’ve had my fair share of struggles. Getting the ferret to poop in the litter box inside the cage was one of them. It’s really hard initially to train a ferret to use the litter box inside the cage. I don’t know what it is about the cage but ferrets are confused about what to do with it. Though over time, they gradually become accustomed to it.

Owning a ferret, like with most other animals, can lead to an increase in your medical bills. A ferret, especially, needs a good amount of medical care. They’re prone to diseases, so you need to keep them clean and feed them the right food. A ferret may feel the need to go to the vet, and it’s a good idea to take it there. Not treating ferrets appropriately can endanger their health. At the very least, it will agitate them, and you don’t want that in your house.

When ferrets become angry or agitated, they tend to wreck things around the house. They might wildly dance, bite, or break things. That’s why it’s important to keep them satisfied and cater to their needs.

Do ferrets make good pets?

Do ferrets make good pets?

The bottom line is – yes, ferrets make great pets! Overall, they’re fun, unique, and make a person happy. They’re very intelligent and they can be trained to do many tricks. They’re also rather social animals – they prefer company. All these qualities make them a delight for people to be around. Plus, a group of ferrets is called a business, that’s pretty awesome.

A ferret owner might find themselves at times exhausted with a ferret. They’re energetic and require a lot of attention and playtime. You may often find yourself playing with your ferret a lot or looking for a playmate. You’ll also probably have to clean up after your ferrets knock over things during playtime or dancing. For many people, this is what makes having a ferret so much fun. Whenever I wanna take some time off, one thing I love to do is take my ferret to the beach and relax! P.S. if you’re thinking of going to the beach, then check out the best cooler for the beach. It will make your time much more worthwhile.

Ferrets are also pretty high maintenance, as mentioned before. As pets, you should expect to take them to the vet every now and then. You should also expect them to be prone to some medical conditions. Some people are also bothered by their smell. However, household ferrets are neutered so you shouldn’t expect to get too strong a smell from them. If you do, then investing in some Ferretone will certainly help.

Ferrets make good pets for anyone looking for a unique and fun-loving animals who doesn’t mind being a little high maintenance.

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