The 5 Best Ferret Cages for Sale

ferret cages for sale

Why You Need A Ferret Cage

It might seem unnecessary for some people to have a cage for their ferret. Dogs or cats don’t have to be kept in a cage, so why should ferrets? Here’s why ferrets are different.

Ferrets sleep for most of the day, so they’ll be spending most of their life on their bed. A cage can help by giving the ferret a protected, closed-off environment to do what it does the most: sleeping.

For the few hours that they are awake, they’re hyperactive and will want to use up the energy that they saved sleeping. Often you might not have time for or be awake for this, and it can be problematic. When ferrets are this hyperactive and don’t have a playmate, they may prance around and trash the house or hurt your children (no joke). In those cases, it’s better to keep the ferret in their habitat and make sure it’s spacious enough for them to play in with their toys.

It’s best to purchase a large ferret cage so that it functions as an all-in-one habitat. It’s spacious, gives your ferret plenty of room to rest, play around, and go to the bathroom. And since ferrets eat frequently throughout the day, sometimes you can even store food or snacks in a large cage. Thankfully, there are many ferret cages for sale that are big enough for this purpose. Some cages are even taller than an average person.


Maintaining A Ferret Cage

You need to maintain the ferret cage about once per month, and you’ll need to clean out the litter box every day. The cages don’t require much maintenance themselves, just make sure that they’re safe and stocked with the ferret’s favorite items, like a bed, hammock, and toys.

Some cages will come with their own hammock. If not, you can set up a hammock yourself easily. One useful tip for maintaining and cleaning the cage while your ferret is still inside the cage, is that you can close the compartment which the ferret is in, while you clean the open compartment. Most ferret cages are multi-compartmental for this very reason.

There’s a simple routine that you can follow when cleaning the ferret cage. Firstly, take a cloth and soak it in warm water, and wipe the cage to clean it on the surface and remove all the dust. Then, take some scented soap and clean out all the corners and bars of the cage. The reason you should use a scented soap is to that it takes care of the smell that will sometimes accumulate in the cage if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. Then after having cleaned it with soap, wipe it down with a dry paper towel, and your ferret cage is as good as new! Note that you may need to scrub in some areas, as ferrets tend to leave a mess sometimes. If you have to clean the full cage without the ferret inside, then let it out for some playtime while you clean its cage!


Why I Recommend Amazon

I purchased my first ferret cage from Amazon, and it was a Ferret Nation cage. The delivery came in a tightly packaged and large box, and it was exciting as I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully, the cage has met most of my expectations, It’s sturdy and strong, and I still have it for one of my ferrets. What I like about it is that it delivered quickly and has been useful since then.

I recommend Amazon because it has the best selection of ferret cages that I’ve seen, and Amazon is one of the few retailers that ship outside the United States. There aren’t many websites that will ship you ferret cages overseas. This may not be relevant if you live in the United States. But the delivery is still quick and simple.


The 5 Best Ferret Cages For Sale

Here are my recommended ferret cages for sale. As you’ll see, these are large and multi-function cages so they can serve all the necessary functions while keeping the ferret comfortable and happy.

#1 Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage

This is a spacious and comfortable ferret cage that forms a near-perfect habitat for your ferret. It’s particularly useful for ferrets that are energetic and move around a lot. Those kinds of ferrets need many distractions and space for playing. This cage has 3 platforms and 3 ramps, which is fun for any energetic ferret. They can spend endless amounts of time running up and down the ramps without getting bored. You can also store plenty of toys and dishes in the cage, which the ferret can play with. Everyone’s favorite little perk about this cage is that it comes with a nice little hammock. So when your ferret is tired from playing, they can rest luxuriously in the little hammock.

Pros: The cage has an appealing color and design; it “looks” high-quality. It also feels high-quality; it’s very sturdy and does not wobble. The locks and doors are very strong and it’s impossible for a ferret to escape through them. The wiring, ramps, and platforms of the cage are all metal. Another big pro is that cleaning is very convenient with this cage. The large door openings allow you to clean it thoroughly. The trays are slide-able and there are wheels at the bottom of the cage. You can also separate it into two cages, which is helpful for cleaning one part at a time.

Cons: One of the frequently cited cons is that the packaging is unsavory; It comes in torn up or bent packaging. Thankfully, that hasn’t led to any damage to the workings of the cage. There are also some complaints about the weldings and wheels being too loose, but that can be tightened up with some tools.

Large ferret cage#2 Critter Nation Ferret Cage

This ferret cage by Critter Nation is a tall and spacious habitat for a ferret. It has double doors which are full-width. This makes it easy to clean the cage, as well as to access it. There are 2 platforms and 3 ramps. What owners really like about this cage is that it’s very accommodating for accessories. There are several attachment points for adding toys, hammocks, extra ramps, tubes, etc. to make the cage more fun. The security features of this cage include a wheel lock that keeps it in place, 0.5 inch horizontal wire spacing, covered ramps, and a wide play area.

Pros: The door locks have good security, and the pet won’t be able to run out from the cage. Despite being sturdy, the doors are also very easy to open and use. The large space is another advantage of this cage. It can hold a ferret on each unit, and they have plenty of room to play and sleep. There are also bars that allow hanging hammocks or other toys. The ramps have washable covers, which helps prevent injury for the ferret. Another advantage is that this cage is very expendable – meaning that it can last you over a decade at the very least. It can also be used to hold other kinds of small pets, such as rats.

Cons: An often cited con of this cage is that it’s a bit expensive, at over $200. While it’s worth the money, some people might want to spend a little less on a cage. The cage is also quite heavy, and this can be an inconvenience if you have to move it around a lot.

#3 Kaytee Deluxe Pet Cage

This is a colorful and multi-level pet cage that’s easy to put together. It has 3 shelves with ramps, slides, tubes, and a hammock. It’s a very economical options for ferret owners who don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s made of coated wire that’s sturdy enough to keep the ferret inside. The plastic parts are stain-resistant. The cage itself also comes with wheels. The various pet toys can be attached to the cage, to give the ferret a fun environment. The cage is also very lightweight, and smaller than some other cages, so it’s perfect for ferret kits, or baby ferrets. But it has enough room to accommodate ferrets of all ages and preferences.

Pros: The obvious pros of this cage are that it’s easy to assemble and carry. It’s also very cheap for a ferret cage. The most cited pro of this cage is that it’s extremely fun and interactive. It has a beautiful and colorful design, and it comes with a variety of toys and fun accessories. The slides and tubes will keep a ferret busy for hours. The company also offers replaceable parts, if you break any part of the cage. This is a understated but huge advantage. Cleaning is also easy, as the deep tray pretends litter from scattering, and the wheels and platforms allow for cleaning without much hassle.

Cons: One of the oft-cited complaints with this cage is that the plastic is cheap, and that rats will chew through it. Some owners have complained that their pet is able to chew through the plastic, so it’s not really suitable with them. Also, the bar spacing is a bit much, and baby rats or ferrets might be able to escape through it. However, this can be prevented with properly assembling the cage.

#4 Ferret Nation Double-Unit Cage

This popular cage by Ferret Nation includes two units with 2 shelves and 3 ramps. One of the strongest points of this cage is its high level of accessibility. It has full-width doors and shelves that can be removed with ease. This allows for thorough cleaning when needed. The cage is made of sturdy metal, and it has 4 lock-able wheels. It has a wide and leak-proof play area and pan. It effectively keeps litter from scattering, and keeps it contained in the pan. It also prevents any dangerous falls by having a deep and secure play area. The shelf heights can be adjusted as well, if there’s a safety concern. The ramp covers are soft and protect the ferret’s feet. The door latches keep the ferret securely inside and are escape-proof.

Pros: There’s a lot of space for multiple ferrets at once, and it can be divided up into two different units. So, one ferret can sleep in one unit while the other plays in a separate unit. The safety of the cage is also great; it has a secure door lock system and design. The ramp covers and doors are designed with the ferret’s safety in mind. Lastly, there’s lots of attachments to hang toys and accessories, such as extra ramps, tubes, hammocks, etc.

Cons: It can be difficult to set up and assemble the cage, if you don’t have the proper tools. So you will need a rubber mallet to put it together nicely. There are not many other cons to point out. This is a solid cage, and you’ll hardly have any complaints about it after setting it up.

Best ferret cages#5 Prevue Hendryx Corner Cage

This cage by Prevue Hendryx has a rare corner design that saves a lot of room and gives it a unique appearance. It also has a high number of 4 ramps and 4 platforms. The wheel casters allow the cage to be transported easily, which is important for large ferret cages like this one. There’s also an extra storage shelf that can hold accessories, food, etc. It has cleaning accessibility with large doors, pull-out drawer, and a bottom pan safety pin. It has a slick black hammertone metallic. The wire spacing is also thin enough to keep it escape-proof. Overall, there is a lot of room for bottom pans, play areas, bedding, and food.

Pros: The seller is trusted and the package arrives in very good condition. The cage has a very good design. The corner style is a unique and innovative design, and it saves space while not compromising the quality. Your ferret will have plenty of room in this cage. The cage is sturdy too.

Cons: Some users have pointed out that this cage is better suited for birds rather than ferrets, due to the design that makes it harder for ferrets to poop in the cage. This can be solved by making some easy modifications to the cage. Another con is that putting together this cage is difficult; you may be spending up to 3 hours figuring it out.

Supplies You Need With Your Ferret Cage

It’s not enough to just have a cage and call it quits – you need to carefully craft and decorate the cage to make it the best environment for your ferret. Extras and supplies with this come in handy. Note that a lot of these supplies will already come with the cage. Still, it’s important to know about each of them, and how you can use them with your cage. Here’s the full list:

Ferret Litter Box

Ferret litter boxIt’s essential to always keep a litter box in your ferret cage. We mentioned before that ferrets eat frequently during the day, because they have a short-lasting digestive tract. This also means that they poop often, sometimes more than once per day. And when your ferret is spending so much time in the cage while sleeping, it’s a good idea to keep a litter box nearby.

Getting the right kind of litter box can be a challenge, because you need just the right size that fits in the cage but isn’t too small for the ferret. Thankfully, there are several of these litter boxes on Amazon that are specifically built for ferrets. If you’re buying a ferret cage, then do check the specifications of the product, because often it already comes with a litter box.

The litter box is the most important part of the ferret cage, and you have to clean every day. Not doing so will create a mess in the cage and leave your ferret very unhappy.

Ferret Bedding & Hammock

Ferret hammock and beddingThe next most important supply for your ferret cage is the bedding. Since ferrets sleep for the majority of the day, make sure that you get one that’s comfortable for them. The best option is to get a hammock – it basically functions as a bed. Most ferrets find it more comfortable to sleep on hammocks, than on regular flat beds. And hammocks are easy to hang from the bars of the cage. There are some great hammocks by Marshall Pets and Kaytee – look around Amazon to see one which looks good to you.

When you’re fixing a hammock, it’s good to place it somewhere in the middle of the cage, away from the edges (for safety). Also, don’t elevate it too high; place it almost close to ground-level, so that it’s easy for the ferret to climb and get off the hammock.

Ferret Toys

Ferret toysSome people think that it’s not necessary to keep toys in your ferret cage. I’m not one of those people. Ask any ferret care expert, and they’ll tell you about the importance of having play toys in the cage. Ferrets will love it, because in-between sleeping or eating, they can play with toys. They have a lot of energy that they need to expend throughout the day, so they need an outlet to be able to do it whenever.

There are several good toys that you can keep in your ferret cage. These include plushies, stuffed animals, tunnels, rubber balls, tents, and more. They provide an interactive and fun environment for your ferret.

Final Thoughts

That’s the gist of what it takes to construct an awesome and welcoming habitat for your ferret. Ferret cages are easy to get, and there’s a large selection of them to choose from. You also need a few accessories like a litter box, toys, and hammock. A ferret needs a cage to be able to sleep and rest undisturbed. It should be a large cage with lots of space, and fun stuff like toys.

When your ferret cage is all assembled and finished, it will look something like the picture on the right. Maintain and clean the cage regularly, and your ferret will stay happy!

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